My name is Elisabeth and this is my webshop Olive Oil & Honey. I was born in Greece and have been missing the unique and delicious flavours of Greece ever since I lived in the Netherlands. Fortunately, I have always been able to count on my parents and friends to regularly send Greek olive oil to the Netherlands. During dinners with my friends, they are always surprised by the Greek olive oil that I put on the table and use in my Greek dishes.

The idea of Olive Oil & Honey was born after the birth of my child. I soon realised that I wanted my son to grow up with the flavours of Greece. What better way to do that than by importing Greek olive oil myself, knowing where to get the best Greek olive oil.

A good friend from Crete makes the Premium Greek Olive Oil especially for me. Peloponessos Kalamata is another place where the Greek olive oil from Olive Oil & Honey comes from. I only want the best Greek products in my range. 

Besides the best Greek olive oil, you can also get the most tasteful raw honey in Greece. On my website Olive Oil & Honey, you can discover the different flavours made by the Greek bees. The honey from Olive Oil & Honey comes from different mountains in Greece. Again, only the best is good enough. It is not for nothing that several products sold in my webshop Olive Oil & Honey have received a Taste Award. 

The special thing about the woodwork you find in my webshop is that they are made by hand from olive wood. That's not all, only olive trees are used from Kyklades that do not produce olives anymore. 

I have done the pre-selection of all these Greek fragrance and flavour sensations, now you can enjoy these delicious Greek products in your kitchen too.