Olijfhout uit Griekenland: wat maakt het zo bijzonder?

Many people wonder why Olive wood from Greece is so special and especially pricey. What is important to know, the scarcity of olive trees is high. An olive tree is not ready to be used for olive wood products until it no longer produces olives. The olive trees grow to be about 100 years old before this is the case. Due to the limited amount of olive wood and the high demand for it, it is a pricey product.

Why is another wood cheaper?

This is because after planting other trees, various means are used to make the trees grow as fast as possible so that people can be provided with the desired product as soon as possible.

There is an immense difference between waiting 100 years to get your hands on the olive wood or being able to buy the wooden product you want in the shop after just a few years.

What about the quality of olive wood from Greece?

At Olijfolie & Honing, we only sell the best of the best. We stand for the quality that comes with olive wood from Greece. The products are made by hand, which means that they are finished to perfection.

Olive wood from Greece is 100% natural and of a very high quality. We can call it pure nature, because the olive trees do not get any chemical treatment.

Is olive wood a strong wood?

Olive wood is a beautiful wood for making many different kinds of kitchen utensils. But also other products are made of olive wood. from  cutting boards until chessboards,making them from olive wood you will get one of the strongest woods around. Olive trees are known to be one of the hardest woods. You are opting for long-lasting use, which is of course great.

Is it good for the environment?

When you choose olive wood products, you are helping the environment. Because no polluting agents are used on olive trees, it is a type of wood and product that has extra value for our planet.

How do I take care of my products?

You have bought a beautiful olive wood product at Olijfolieenhoning.nl. Then of course you want to know how to best care for your purchase. We can make it very difficult, but actually it is very easy!

The very best care for the olive wood products in your kitchen

Massage them regularly with Olive oil!

How does that work?

  • Make sure that the product is clean and dry
  • Take a cloth and put a little olive oil on canvas
  • Rub the oil well into the wood
  • Leave it on overnight
  • Then use it as usual

Regularly treating your olive wood kitchenware with olive oil will provide a protective layer. This reduces the chance of discolouration and prevents the wood from retaining odours.

How often do I have to take care of my wooden kitchenware?

This depends on how often you use your olive wood kitchenware. If your chopping board is brought out, used and washed every day, it can be given a weekly oil treatment. If you have one of our Unique serving boards for example, and it comes out once in a while, then rubbing it with olive oil once a month is sufficient.

Can olive wood into the dishwasher?

Our advice, do NOT put olive wood in the dishwasher!

The life span of your kitchen utensils will be shortened immensely and the wood will not become more beautiful. Actually, it is wise to keep any kind of wood out of the dishwasher. Wooden kitchen utensils are not resistant to the heat they have to withstand in the dishwasher. In addition to the quality deteriorating drastically, the olive wood will turn white. Please don't do it!

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